Award Ceremonies

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toplogo (1)The Nova Scotia Provincial Awards Ceremony is held in November or December each year, often in conjunction with the Annual Tourism Conference. Presentations and awards are provided to all participating communities. It is expected that participants will attend these awards ceremonies. Invitations will be sent in the Fall to community representatives with details of the date and location. Participants will receive the results, including a certificate and judges written evaluation at this time.

logoThe National Awards Ceremony is held annually in late September or early October. All the National Finalists and Provincial Participants are invited to attend (there is a cost involved). The National participants are showcased (by means of community exhibits and promotional material). The National winners are presented with a historic granite trophy from the National Capital Commission. All National participants receive a certificate and special mention. The Awards Ceremony is hosted by a different city each year and is held in conjunction with the National Symposium on Parks and Grounds. This symposium offers many sessions and workshops of interest to participating National and Provincial communities.


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